Fauna Circus – äntligen är de här!

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Foto Emelie Johansson

Efter ett år av planering och omplanering får vi äntligen ta emot Fauna Circus i SITE Blackbox. Residenset är ett pilotprojekt som syftar till att hitta fler produktionsplatser för samtida cirkus, med stöd av Stockholms stad Kulturstrategiska staben.

Så här berättar Fauna Circus om sig själva:- Fauna Circus is a young company created 2016 by 5  graduates of DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm along with 1 musician. In the last years, we have become one of the most successful young circus companies. Performing in over 20 countries worldwide, 163 shows and reaching approximately 54000 audience members. With 2020 as the beginning of our new show and extension of our cast, we are eager to get creating after a long Corona hold up. Our new show sees the merging of even more art forms as we work closely with sculpture, scenography, animation, music, costume, martial arts and visual art forms. 

 – All we desire from the residency is good communication between the teams, a friendly environment and time to be creative. 

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