Mireia Piñol is a dancer, choreographer and pedagog from Barcelona. She has many years of experience in the field of performing arts. Mireia started as an artistic roller figure skating, being Spanish champion från 2000 to 2004. European Cup champion in 1999, and European champion in 2004.

-”My name is Mireia, born in Barcelona but as my father once said, a citizen of the world. Having as a child a good artistic potential I decided to path myself into the world of artistic roller skating, achieving a high level of succeeds as a Spanish and European champion. Lost at the age of 20 in an obtained Business Science Degree, I started dancing as a hobby in many different styles; and soon this world became my new home and professional life.

Graduated at NSCD, in contemporary dance, I had great experiences (good and bad) assisting, choreographing or performing around the world with different people, styles and companies as circus La Putyka, Roberto Olivan, Russel Maliphant, Sonia Rodriguez, Mickael Marso Riviere (company Decalage), Next Zones moves, visual arts Girasomnis, Collective Lamajara, Totum Theater, among others. As well as developing my own projects and directions hand to hand with Alberto Feliciate.

In my life, I had three big masters and inspiration – family, Isa, and Alberto. For us, life is a never-ending learning path, this is why I am always looking for new experiences in movement, martial arts, circus, sports, voice, hobbies, emotions, never-ending list. I consider myself a passionate hard worker, curious and interested to keep on growing and learning every day. My work could be described as eclectic and as fusion of artistic and non-artistic experiences, a work that is created with love and passion, and that I would like to maintain in continuous development and blooming in many professional directions.”

Contact Mireia
+34 630 66 94 40

I believe that Site Konstnärsresidens is an incredible opportunity to find new inspiration, surrounded by a wide variety of professionals that will meet in an ideal artistic environment.

To have the opportunity of being in full-time residency for a year will make me deepen in all my range of interests as an artist, having the opportunity to be 100% focused on creation making the best of myself within and for the dance field in Sweden.

It will settle down my office and working place and that for sure will easy worries and will make my creativity feel free to peacefully create, resulting in better pieces.

A physical place to work will enable me to develop various projects with other artists from the same or different fields that we are aiming to push. And will make us believe, push and make clear decisions for future creations and projects.

My artistic practice always tries to push boundaries in between different art forms. I have a strong influence from Southwestern Europe culture in all its expressions, but at the same time I have been always passionate and curious about other cultures over the world; my work is strongly influenced by dance, acromovement, martial arts and physical theatre, and it is always related/linked with somatic movement/practice, longevity and health/wellbeing.

We are working on a new production called “U Stopia”, where we will deepen and investigate social anthropology, seeking to understand how people live and make their lives meaningful. A multidisciplinary project that talks about utopias in life. It will combine contemporary dance, circus and movement techniques as a base, together with costume and sound design.

Since 2008, Alberto and I are collaborating fusing movement techniques with acrobatics, to develop methods to help artists to improve, build or create their own and unique acromovement vocabulary, exploring on basics and extreme possibilities. As well as methods to improve longevity in dance and circus with health. This is something that continues until today. We are recently researching neuroscience related with creativity too.

We are also developing a creative training program aiming to strengthen artists (that work with their body as a tool) to avoid injuries; working hand to hand with movement, acrobatics, physical preparation, creation, creativity and physiotherapy.

My creations are part of my artistic and personal development and I am always looking to inspire community beyond what we do. To inspire them to become better selfs, so this is why I like to keep a part of my work towards education and community, because giving the tools of respect (of themselves, others and environment), motivation, health and effort we can contribute our grain of sand to make a healthier society and world. Because finally without being happy about what we do or who we are we cannot make the most of us, and we are all unique and valuable, so we should empower our individual potentials.

I would like to meet people, talk with them, see what they are working with, share experiences, help each other and collaborate.

In the studio, I would like to keep on working on all the projects I am on (described above). As well as on a film project collaboration with Karl Oscar Gustafsson, a musical autodidactic learning and a group dance piece for women about empowering consciousness and cycles. And other upcoming dance creations for the pedagogical field working on strengthening collaboration, teamwork and respect for each other.

In the office, I would like to keep on developing writing skills in different languages than my native, improving production skills as well as developing and creating my new website.

The aim will be to develop as many ideas and thoughts as possible and bring them to the studio to lately put them on stage or share them with the community. To be inspired by and inspire others.

The residency aims to enable artistic and organizational development, through free access to office space and studio time as well as counselling. Please contact Anne-Sofie Ericsson for more information.