NB8 Nordic Circle Mentoring Program 2022 – 2024 for Managers &Producers

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Do you work with production of dance in the Nordic or Baltic countries? Would you like to work with a mentor for a year to help you grow and develop as a producer? Open call for Managers & Producers will be 3rd – 16th October 2022. 


NB8 Mentoring Program is a capacity building mentorship program and network for freelance dance producers. In 2022-24, NB8 will carry out two cycles of one-year mentoring programs. For each cycles, 8 mentees will be selected through the open call and they will be matched with an experienced mentor from another country. The length of the cycle is one year. 


The program aims to develop the production and management skills across the field of dance. The mentoring sessions will emphasize the empowerment of the individual, strengthening the competences needed to initiate local, Nordic, Baltic, international and cross border activities. 

NB8 Mentoring Program is intended for managers and producers from the Nordic and Baltic region. Selected mentees are expected to have some management education and/or some years of experience in professional management work within dance/the performing arts. 

The mentors will be professionals with knowledge and experience within arts management in the independent and institutional performing arts field. 

In 2022-24, NB8 will carry out two cycles of one-year mentoring programs. The second cycle of mentorship will begin in Finland, where all selected mentees and their mentors will gather for a three-day workshop on April 19th – 21st 2023. 

During the year of mentorship, the mentees will communicate and meet with their mentors individually. The group of other mentees and mentors will also provide an invaluable peer network across the Nordic and Baltic borders. 

The year will finish in March 2024 with a wrap-up gathering in Finland, to share experiences and lessons learnt. Travel and accommodation will be provided for the mentees and mentors. 

How to apply 

Application (max. 1 page) and CV will be sent as an email attachment to: ulrika@artsmanagement.fi 

Deadline for applications 16th October 2022 11:59 PM (Helsinki time UTC +3) 

The application should be no longer than one A4-page and answer these questions: 

  • Why would you like to take part in the mentorship program? 
  • What specific parts/skills in your work as a producer do you want to develop further? 
  • How do you think a mentor could help your work? 

Please make sure you are available for travel on April 19th – 21st 2023 to take part in the program. 

The partner organizations will select 8 mentees who will be assigned a mentor from a Nordic or Baltic country. The selection will be announced in November 2022. 

More info www.nb8circle.com 

For questions please contact project coordinator Ulrika Vilke (Arts Management Helsinki) by email: ulrika@artsmanagement.fi 

Partner organisations 

Arts Management Helsinki, SITE Sweden, JC Copenhagen, Performing Arts Hub Norway and Dansverkstæðið. 

With associated partners: 

New Theatre Institute of Latvia, PLArTFORMA International Art Festival, The Estonian Dance Agency, Qiajuk Studios, The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands & Nordic Institute on Åland. 

NB8 Nordic Circle Mentoring Program is supported by Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Fund, Swedish Arts Council and The Ministry of Culture and Education in Finland.