Mireia Piñol – Keep Dreaming You Foto: Cato Lein

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En koreograferad berättelse av och med Mireia Piñol om den isolering vi alla varit med om och känslan att bryta sig ut från den och möta världen. Om det drömska, härliga och ibland ambivalenta med att få sluta sig och öppna sig. 

A tribute film for all our beloved people that are not with us anymore.

Idea, text, choreographer and dancer: Mireia Piñol Martinez

Regi: Herman Nygren

Photography: Oskar Hökerberg

Music: Dark Sky

Grafik: Jacob Frössén

Rigger: Marie Nilsson

Counterweight rigger: Regina Baumann

Project Leader: Emelie Persson

Ansvarig UTgivare: Martin Vårdstedt

Mireia is a multidisciplinary artist, director, choreographer and pedagogue in contemporary dance and circus, based in Stockholm. 

Born in Barcelona but as my father once said, a citizen of the world. Having as a child a good artistic potential I decided to path myself into the world of artistic roller skating, achieving a high level of success as a Spanish and European champion. Lost at the age of 20 in a obtained Business Science Degree, I started dancing as a hobby in many different styles; and soon this world became my new home and professional life.

Graduated at NSCD, in contemporary dance, I had great experiences (good and bad) assisting, choreographing or performing around the world with different companies as circus La Putyka, Roberto Olivan, Russel Maliphant, Sonia Rodriguez, Company Decalage, Next Zones moves, visual arts Girasomnis, Collective Lamajara, Totum Theater, among many others. 

As well as leading my own projects and directions hand to hand with Alberto Feliciate, since 2008. Our work could be described as eclectic and as a fusion of artistic and non-artistic experiences, a work that is created with love, care and passion; always in continuous development and blooming in many artistic directions.